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Kyle Banister

Way, way back in the day, my first memories of art, were drawing a '64 Chevy El Camino, and adding lettering that said El 8 Ball. Yep, I was going to design the next great muscle car. But as life would dictate, High School art classes back then wouldn't allow drawing cars in class. So I dropped art after one day, and didn't take another art class for literally 30 years. I listened to my muse, recognized my purpose in life, and became and artist. Now a days my favorite subjects include Kustom Kulture, Baseball, Girls, and Faith. Many of my newer pieces represent ideas and emotions I would have created, had I pursued my art in high school. I call the newest artwork the, "I wish I knew then what I know now." When I sit down to draw or paint now, in my mind I'm seventeen again. Along the way experiences allowed me to learn to work in many different mediums, so I call myself a multi-medium artist. One of my favorites is painting with lettering enamel on anything from Plexiglas, to building, to cars. I also draw a lot including pencil, pen & ink, pointillism and pastels. I have worked as a professional photographer, and probably most noteworthy, I am known as a Street/Chalk artist.

Nicole Fuentes-Vargas

Hey there! My name is Nicole and I’m a Boston transplant who loves to create! My days are spent working with young children during the week and I spend any free time on weekends meeting with friends, trying new breweries and of course spending time outside. I’ve been a freelance artist for a few years and I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon Chalk Art and enter the welcoming community. Excited for what’s next!

Rachel Hueske

Colorado based artist, Rachel Hueske, has enjoyed creating works of art since childhood. Growing up in Colorado gave her an appreciation for animals and nature. This and her fondness of color and pattern has greatly influenced her work. Rachel uses various mediums, the most loved being acrylic paints.

Trina Baird

I have been a chalk artist for about 7 years and have participated in the Denver Chalk festival, Centennial chalk festival and also the Pastels on the 5th in Loveland. In 2021, in collaboration with my daughter Alex, we won Peoples choice award at the Pastels on the 5th. It has been an amazing journey and I love to see the colorful creations with chalk art. My career background has been in health care for over 20 years, however art has been such a special part of my life. When I am not creating chalk designs, my passion is with wood burning and fused glass art. Life is better with ART!!

Randy Segura

Art heals you and then you figure out how to share that inspiration and healing with others. I love being able to share the process with the public, and after many years of painting murals and signs, my passion for pursuing an artistic life has been reignited through chalk art.

AJ Duncan

AJ Duncan is a figurative surrealist based in Aurora, CO. Their focus is Digital Painting, but are enjoying a return to chalk art and chalk pastels. AJ's art is known for high contrast, vibrant colors, and black lineart, inspired by comics and tattoo design. Recurring themes in their art are dreamlike versions of fish and fantasy portraits featuring long hair. AJ is a member of 40 West Arts District on the Creative Corridor of West Colfax, and a member of Memento Mori Gallery in Lakewood, CO.

Noreen Schroder

Noreen Schroder’s public art experience started young as she was encouraged to paint murals and signs on barns, garages, walls and doors for friends and family. After High School she got her degree in Art Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Along with more than 20 years of teaching High School Art, Noreen has shown her art throughout Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. About 11 years ago, she started participating in Chalk Art festivals, first in the Denver area then branching out throughout Colorado and beyond. She won first place best of show at the Denver Chalk Art Festival in 2022 with her depiction of an Indian Bride’s henna tattooed hands. She likes doing a wide variety of subjects in her chalk art.

Brad Stratton

In his working life, Brad was a science and math teacher. His teaching venues included stints at Strasburg High School, at Horizon Middle School in Aurora, and at Community College of Aurora. After his retirement, Brad has been keeping busy volunteering with the Special Olympics and with the city of Auroras Open Space and Natural Resources Department, including serving on the Open Space Advisory Board. Retirement has also provided Brad more free time to be able to dabble in "Art", Including graphite, colored pencils, painting and drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. Brad has been married to his lovely wife, Mary, since 1978, and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He also enjoys photography, outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing and of course spoiling his grandchildren

Corbin Hillam

Corbin Hillam has been a free lance illustrator for 45 years. Most of his work has been in the area of children’s book publishing, both in children’s picture books and educational publications. His illustrations have appeared in over 200 books. Corbin has written and illustrated six of his own books. For the past 20 years Corbin have been doing public art. He has done painted murals in public schools and in private homes. He has participated in the Denver Chalk Fest since it’s second year. Corbin has done many chalk murals for Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He has also done chalk murals for the Dinosaur Research Center in Woodland Park, CO; for Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas; and the Frisco 4th of July Festival in Frisco CO. Corbin and his wife recently moved to Aurora to be close to their two grand daughters.

Maranatha Ziegler

I’m a Northern Nevada based chalk artist. I like all things dorky and quirky and one day want to be known as that one 3D chalk artist.

Chelsea Romaniello

Chelsea is a full-time artist whose passion lies in illustration. Her love for nature, animals and whimsy is the driving force behind much of her work and she loves adding her own magic to animals, characters and creatures.

Cheyanne Greer

Cheyanne Greer has been doing chalk art for 6 years. She participated 4 times in the Denver Chalk Art Festival and other various chalk art events throughout the Denver area. She spent time in college studying art and architecture in Paris and enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolors in her free time.

Alex Baird

I have been doing chalk art for over 2 years and have participated in Denver Chalk Art Festival, Centennial Chalk art, and Pastels on the 5th in Loveland. This is will be my 2nd year at the Chalk Lines and Vines and I am so excited to participate in it. I am currently attending Colorado State University with a major in civil engineering and plan to graduate in 2025.

Tessa Fuqua

Tessa Fuqua is an artist based in Colorado. Her creations range from
small illustration and painting to large chalk art and murals. She is an
award winner at the Denver Chalk Art Festival and has showcased in
various galleries, venues, and events in Colorado. She has created murals
at Crush Festival in Denver, Chula’s on Broadway, Orchard Town Center in
Westminster, and Fraser Mountain Mural Festival, Colfax Canvas, and
Miners Alley Performing Arts Center. Her art work tends to be colorful and
positive. Tessa is also an actor working in commercial, film, and theater.
She is always pursuing new things and through the course of life has been
a lawyer, teacher, radio show host, musician and barista.

Timothy Krejci

Hello my name is Tim! This is my first chalk festival with Chalk Lines and Vines and my first festival in Colorado, but this not my first art festival. I have been participating in chalk art festivals throughout Southern California since I was 11. I have won multiple Best Youth and People’s Choice awards throughout my years participating. I’m excited to bring the pavement to life!

Tamara Kula

Tamara Kula has always enjoyed ephemeral art, from sprawling chalk creatures to snow sculptures to decorated cookies. As a child, and later as a teacher and a mother, she has spent many hours filling up inviting sidewalk spaces with chalk. After discovering the joy of creating large 3D illusions with chalk, she is now fascinated with anamorphic art. She appreciates the freeing impermanence of chalk, the bright colors, and the chance to create outdoors – mainly on her own driveway. Tamara lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her husband and two sons.

Phillip Bernal

Phillip Bernal is an award winning street chalk artist with twenty years of experience. The challenge of street chalk art and murals are a lifelong passion, which led to starting his small business in 2021- Imagine Murals & More LLC. Fine art commissions are open and always seeking opportunities for public art opportunities. www.imaginemurals.com

Susan Crum

Susan Crum is an artist from the Canadian prairies who now lives in Aurora with her husband and two kids. She works in watercolor, acrylic and chalk and loves participating in public art. She enjoys making colorful work that conveys joy, curiosity, and a bit of silliness. Her most recent children's book is "Am I Your Favorite?" written by local author Gretchen Kadillak.

Sean Currence

I’m a self-taught artist that has used my love for music, pop culture and the Western way of life, to influence the type of art that I like to create. Working primarily in graphite and charcoal, I pride myself on my attention to detail and realism when creating. While I’ve focused mainly on pencil portraits for most of my drawing life, over the past several years I’ve discovered a love for a larger and more temporary form of art…chalk art.
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